Akadak Music Recording Studio

Akadak Music is committed to achieving your vision, using the finest recording tools and capabilities,
in an atmosphere that is inspiring and conducive to your creativity.


Akadak Studios offers pro-level recording studio services at affordable prices. Owner-operator Randy Ray Mitchell is a Grammy-winning musician and studio wizard with decades of recording experience. He has a robust understanding of music across a wide range of styles, and a proven track record of satisfied high end professional customers.

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What are the benefits of choosing Adakak for your recording needs?

1. You are insured the superb acoustics and sound quality of a finely-tuned room. The studio itself underwent a custom renovation. Visit The Room page for a thorough explanation of the studio's design enhancements and what they mean for your recording experience.

2. Randy Ray Mitchell offers you impeccable credentials. Because he has expertise in so many areas, he is able to work smart and quickly for you. Go to the Randy Ray Mitchell page to find out more.

3. The Akadak Studio has top level gear to enhance your recording experience, from musical instruments to vintage amps and a wide array of recording technology. To see specifics about what is available to you, visit the Gear page.

4. You will enjoy easy access and convenience. Akadak is located in an historical building, located at the back of a residential compound, in Burbank, California. It is less than a five-minute drive from the 5 Freeway. There is plenty of free parking on-site, right next to the studio. No worries about feeding the meter. It's easy access for you to load and unload your instruments and equipment.

5. Everything inside the studio is accessible. Because of the thoughtful way all the vintage amps, mics, instruments, and effects are arranged in the studio, set-up is easy. You can get to work quickly, making music.


Here are the fundamental services provided by Akadak Music.

Tracking: Bands can be tracked with minimal bleed on everything but drums going direct, to be re-amped (playing the recorded direct track through different amplifiers, and recording that sound) at a later time if need be.

Mixing: Tracks can be mixed from outside sources as well as tracks recorded in house.

Mastering: In house mastering is available with "soundBlade".

Tuning Vocals: Vocals can be tuned and aligned if need be.

Voiceover: The room is ideal for voiceovers. Akadak can also provide additional noise reduction and editing for voiceover work.